Discussion and notes dvm

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Discussion and notes dvm

Something troubling happened during one of my appointments last week. I was called to help a family say goodbye to their year old dog, who was diagnosed with a heart murmur and enlarged heart about a year ago. In spite of using heart medications and improving her diet, her condition worsened.

She had been experiencing seizure-like activity actually I believe she was having something called syncope, which is loss of consciousness due to lack of blood flow to the brain.

Discussion and notes dvm

She had very low energy and stamina and was having frequent accidents in the house. Her family made the difficult decision to euthanize her, based on her poor quality of life.

We sat and talked about her, how she loved to go for walks and had an uncanny ability to know when there was chocolate on the table. During this sharing time, I learned that she had received several vaccines only a few months ago at her regular veterinary clinic.

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Why was this done? For what medical reason did this dog require vaccination? Was she at great risk of contracting any of these diseases? The answer is that there was NO medical indication for any of these vaccines. She had a vanishingly small risk of contracting these diseases, because she was not in contact with other dogs.

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Furthermore, she had received repeated injections of these vaccines over her lifetime, meaning with great likelihood that she had immunity. Can I give you incontrovertible evidence that she was immune?

My point is that vaccines are not water. When they are injected into a body, a whole series of events takes place in the immune system.

There is growing evidence that many types of cardiovascular disease have an inflammatory component, meaning the immune system is ramped up and spitting out chemicals and cells with the goal of solving the problem.

I cannot predict how, or even if, things would have been different for this sweet little dog had she not been given vaccines. I remember clearly reciting this on the day I graduated from veterinary school, with tears in my eyes and thanks in my heart that I had achieved my goal.

Given that our oath does include the protection of animal health and welfare, I regret that I even have to write about this topic. I will practice my profession conscientiously, with dignity, and in keeping with the principles of veterinary medical ethics.

I accept as a lifelong obligation the continual improvement of my professional knowledge and competence.March 20, by Elizabeth Carney, DVM. My plea to you: when your vet wants to vaccinate your year old dog, just say no.

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Discussion and notes dvm

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