Gun control public policy essay

Crime and its prevention often figure prominently in campaign speeches for political office. Acts of violence take their toll not only on victims, but on the public's sense of the general welfare of our society. This makes violence-and its antidotes-a likely topic for current events discussions in social studies classes.

Gun control public policy essay

Gun Control: The Debate and Public Policy

Save this discount code: And there is no surprise in that, considering the tragic events that took place recently. The discussion around gun control has been lasting for as long as this country exists, but it has become an even more pressing issue after those mass shootings.

It is being discussed everywhere — in the media, in the scientific journals on social studies, in the city councils and in the Congress.

No wonder this topic also gets its share of attention in classrooms and every student has to write at least one gun control essay in the course of studies. Truly, gun control gives the most fertile ground for debate. Some people stand on pro gun control positions and claim that the existing gun control regulations are critically insufficient.

Other people argue that criminals procure guns illegally anyway, so conscious citizens should also have free access to firearms for self-defense.

Between these two extremes, there is also a great variety of viewpoints and opinions.


If you want to discuss such a sensitive issue in an academic paperyou cannot afford to have an opinion based on nothing, like some people have.

You have to be well-informed on the background of the issue, as well as on all the multitude of expert opinions about it. To do that, you first have to look at where it all began — the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States that was passed in and granted the individuals the right to possess firearms.

Since then, the understanding of the Second Amendment has evolved a great deal, and we are still far from consensus on this question.

Gun control public policy essay

With gun control, you will have no problem finding information, since there is a lot of it out there. In fact, the amount of information on this topic is quite overwhelming — much more than one can digest at a time and much more than one may need to write an excellent essay. Given these massive amounts of potential sources of information, you should make sure that you are not wasting your time looking through sources that are irrelevant to your topic, even if they may be quite an exciting read.

To do that, you need to make your research well planned out and know where to look the relevant information. As we have already pointed out, when you want to get yourself well-informed on any particular issue, you begin with investigating its roots. When we talk about gun control discussion, it all roots from the Second Amendment.

It was passed along with the rest of the Bill of Rights at the very dawn of our country in the late 18th century. There, the right for individual gun possession was first formulated and regulated.

This document is the source of our entire understanding of individual gun possession, so you need to be familiar with this document if you look to talk about gun control and be taken seriously. Much time has passed since then, and there have been many precedents where the court had to rule to clarify certain aspects of the Second Amendment — on both state and federal levels.

The most noteworthy relevant court cases are as follows: Cruikshank — United States v.

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Miller — District of Columbia v. Heller — McDonald v. Getting familiar with the historical background of the gun control discussion is only half of your research.Gun violence topics page (a collection of open access AJPH research related to gun violence) Academic Public Health and the Firearm Crisis: An Agenda for Action Suicide, Guns, and Public Policy.

The Relationship Between Gun Ownership and Firearm Homicide Rates in the United States, – Mental Illness Stigma.

Gun control is a policy designed to limit the production, possession or use of firearms or guns by private citizens (Henderson, 9). The guns in question are mostly . Free Essay: Public policies are developed in response to the existence of a perceived problem or an opportunity.

The analysis delves into a public issue or. Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted? U NDERSTAND T HE I SSUES. U NDERSTAND E ACH O THER. Menu were those closest at hand." An editorial published in the June American Journal of Public Health noted, "gun-inflicted deaths [often] ensue from impromptu arguments and REPRINTING POLICY.

PRIVACY POLICY. DISCLAIMER. READER FAVORITES. They’re many different biased opinions related to the topic of public policy and gun control. Many would argue that gun control doesn’t follow public policy in a “normal” route. In this essay I will discuss the regulations that President Obama wants put into place for gun control, the opposing views from the state and local levels, also the pros and cons that I can see about the gun control policy.

First, I will discuss some statistics on whether or not state.

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