How to write a novel in microsoft word

Otherwise, changing even the smallest details will be a nightmare. Fortunately, Word makes it extremely easy to break your novel manuscript into easily navigable chapters.

How to write a novel in microsoft word

Now that Office 16 is here the collaboration features have been much improved - I wonder if that will be wonderful for co-authors or cause punch ups online? There are a lot of different programs that you can use for writing a novel, including a pencil and paper, but there is a reasonable chance you are using Microsoft Word.

For the sake of this little discussion, I am using Wordbut much of this also applied to earlier versions too. There are a few reasons why I use Word. Firstly I have it already. Thirdly, I just sort of like it! But out of the box, it is not necessarily perfectly set up for the budding or even budded writer.

So, here are a few little tips: I am sure you could add many more. Template If you are writing a novel, then you should use a template that is right for the job.

There are a couple of manuscript templates on microsofts website, but basically you should be setting up to use Times New Roman, 12pt, double space, indent first line and all headings at the same size as the normal text - extremely boring and easy to read, basically.

I have put up one in a ZIP file here if you are interested. It is from a friend and is similar to the one I use. Mine has me all over it, so you aint getting that one.

It also has an updateable table of contents at the front which you may or may not want to use, and the number of words on the cover page can be updated by right clicking and update field. You might also find this Kindle-Friendly template useful!

For some reason I managed to miss that word comes with a navigation pane! Go to View and check Navigation pane. It is the most useful of tool bars and allows you to navigate round your book quickly and efficiently while also adding a useful search feature. You can also use it to keep track of the number of words in a given section.

Right click on any heading in the pane and choose "Select Heading and Content.

how to write a novel in microsoft word

I found it odd to start with, though now I am used to it, I much prefer it to the old menu system. However, if there are some menu items you use regularly, then it can be a bit of a pain if they are spread out over the menus.

Right clicking anywhere on the ribbon allows you to show the quick access tool bar either below or above the ribbon. In my example above, I have it below. You can add whatever you like to this little tool bar, but here are my choices:Providing educators and students access to the highest quality practices and resources in reading and language arts instruction.

How to write and publish a book yourself (self-publishing cheatsheet) How to format a book in Microsoft Word (with pictures) For the TOC, you probably need to make the text about 14pt, and add a little more spacing. If this is a novel, you don’t really need a table of contents, but that’s up to you.

For the front pages, you’ll. Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.

We live in an amazing time. If you have a story to tell or an idea to share, you can write a book and publish it for free, making it accessible to billions of people. This moment is unique to human history, and I think everyone who has a story to tell should take advantage of it.

To help get you. How do you make your own book?

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Learn how to be an author and write a book or novel. Writing a book is not an easy task; we offer various books on how to write a book. Here's how to write a book using Microsoft Word. If you want to write a book, you need word processing software that's up to the task.

how to write a novel in microsoft word

Microsoft Word is universally recognized, and you're probably already familiar with it. With a few customizations, it can make writing your book easy. Here's how to write a book using Microsoft Word.

How to Write a Book Using Microsoft Word