Imaginary invalid

His associates keep things too lively in his house to permit it, and he revels in his poor health. He gauges his health by the number of purges and clysters he has had this month compared to last.

Imaginary invalid

The work has the characteristics of an opera and a play and it was very popular during the reign of Louise XVI. The performances were great spectacles in which the text would intertwine with dancing and fireworks.

This work is one of the best known comedies of French and world literature. Moliere worked on the universal moral and social questions that were current in those times and so are today which makes this work timeless.

The problems of the society are shown on the example of a hypochondriac — a man that over exaggerates or imagines his illnesses. On one side we have a man that turns all of his problems into illnesses. If something is bothering him, he would turn it into an illness and avoid the real problem because it was easier for him to deal with life in that way.

On the other side we have doctors that act like usurers that encourage such illnesses to make themselves rich. They use the fear of the rich man Imaginary invalid his psychological instability to ensure their own existence.

This problem can also be perceived as a problem of our time.

Imaginary invalid

The imaginary invalid, the rich Argan, surrounded himself with people that only want good for him. They accept the old man as he is and all they want to do is cure him from his mental illness.

The Imaginary Invalid | play by Molière |

They try to show him that his illnesses were coming from his head and unmask the doctors trying to make money off of him. Even though the old man almost chased everyone away from him, the comedy has a happy ending.

Moliere sent an important message with his work and also showed his artistic skills. The work is also entertaining, easy to understand, filled with humorous lines and witty.

His maid Toinette looks at him and his hypochondria irony. Argan has a wife and two daughters from his previous marriage. Angelique thought the man was Cleante but in the end she found out it was Thomas Diafoirus. His second wife Beline wants to put their daughters into a convent.

Toinette lets him in and he has to give her lessons in front of her father. Argan told him that his future son-in-law was coming, accompanied by his father, and he also asked him to come to the weeding. Soon after the doctors arrived and Argan told CLeante and his daughter they could play something for them.

Cleante decided to do an improvisation that would let everyone know the situation he found himself in with Angelique.

Angelique begs her parents to give her more time to get to know Thomas while in reality she was just trying to postpone the weeding. Her stepmother and father agreed that Angelique should me married soon as possible, the stepmom threatens her with a convent and her father gives her an ultimatum — or she gets married or she goes to a convent.

Toinette and Berald come up with a plan on how to help his niece and stop the weeding. Also they come up with a plan to make Argan lose confidence in his doctors because they think it would be useful for his health.

Beralde goes to his brother Argan and tries to convince him not to marry his daughter for Thomas. Then he decides to stop being his doctor and whishes him to fall into a deep agony.

Argan gets out of control because of fear and Berald manages to calm him down a little. In the next scene Toinette herself appears as the doctor. After the fake doctor left Beralde tries to explain to Argan that his wife is fake and that she was taking advantage of him.

He also told him he has a daughter that loves him unconditionally in spite of which he wants to place her in a convent.The Imaginary Invalid Homework Help Questions.

What are the major themes in the play The Imaginary Invalid? The play's theme include the following: First, Moliere satirizes or makes fun of the. A discussion of important themes running throughout The Imaginary Invalid. Great supplemental information for school essays and projects.

The hypochondriac Argan wants nothing more than to be sick, or at least to be thought of as sick, and tended to by Doctors and Family (notably his scheming wife).

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Apply for Rights. The Imaginary Invalid has 7, ratings and reviews. The imaginary invalid or The Hypochondriac is the last comedy and at the same time the last play /5.

The Imaginary Invalid | Introduction & Overview