Imc plan on meat products of

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Imc plan on meat products of

City of Hope Beckman Research Institute Small Animal Imaging East Duarte Road Duarte, CA Preliminary testing in laboratory animals has long been essential to the development of new pharmaceuticals and of new methods for the treatment of human disease.

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The current development of sophisticated transgenic animal models—coupled with a growing recognition of the importance of understanding of disease processes in the context of the living host—has extended the use of animal experimentation beyond safety and efficacy testing into the realm of mechanistic investigation.

Thanks to non-invasive imaging, researchers can now perform multiple measurements, over time, in the same animal. This development not only enhances data quality in studies of dynamic molecular and of physiologic processes—it greatly reduces the number of animals required for such studies.

With the help of this extraordinary technology, the dynamic biodistribution of therapeutic agents as well as vital processes, such as gene expression, cell trafficking, cell viability, cell proliferation, tissue hypoxia, and angiogenesis can be monitored non-invasively in the intact animal.

Imaging of small animals has become indispensable to medical research and to scientific developments, as it helps investigators remain competitive for extramural funding.

We will provide customized service for disease-specific human iPSC derivation, characterization, and genetic correction. These human iPSCs will become valuable tools for disease modeling, drug discovery, and pre-clinical therapeutic development. The SRC provides a wide range of services in the areas of study design and sampling, survey instrument development and evaluation, data coding, collection, management, analysis and reporting.

The overall goal of the SRC is to provide high quality, standardized services to conduct survey-based research. The SRC staff work closely with investigators to design the best possible study to meet the specific challenges of the research question.

The SRC provides the expertise, resources, facilities, and staff and utilizes instruments such as telephone surveys, face-to-face interviews, web surveys, and mailed questionnaires.

The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.

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At City of Hope, we support investigators whose research requires high-quality imagery and comprehensive service. Our research-grade facility and equipment perfectly enable the observation and documentation you require for publications, for grant proposals, and for education.

The Light Microscopy Digital Imaging Core makes available the latest research platforms for automated microscopy experiments, for advanced observation techniques, and for sophisticated digital image processing and analysis. Our team of researchers and technicians is comprised of experienced specialists who not only provide onboarding and instruction—they also work as consulting practitioners.

We also offer a networked station suitable for teaching that allows for remote operation, includes a large, wall-mounted plasma screen, and is portable within the lab.

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The Core also provides basic and advanced data analysis services designed to make complex data biologically interpretable by clinical and basic scientists. These objectives are achieved via sophisticated, high throughput screening assays of synthetic compound and natural product libraries.

A team of medicinal chemists, pharmacologists, structural biologists, bioinformaticians, and clinicians contributes valuable input and expertly optimizes some of these small molecules for the development of life-saving, cancer-fighting drugs.

The team then translates these molecules and drugs into clinical evaluation in cancer patients.

Imc plan on meat products of

Ardmore, Irvine, CAUSA Corrz specializes in data analysis and supports genomics studies including next generation sequencing data analysis. The facility offers supporting techniques as well as scientific consultation.

Supported by the Cancer Center Support Grant with funding from the National Cancer Institute, the Pathology Core maintains a bank of several thousand diverse tumor samples.

Imc plan on meat products of

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