Inclusion essay

It was never my intention to get so heavily involved in the issue of trans woman-inclusion in lesbian and women-only spaces. At the time, I was voraciously reading everything I could get my hands on related to transgender experiences and issues.

Inclusion essay

Depression Lack of motivation 2. You must take into consideration how your attitudes and values have an impact on the way you work with children.

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The way a child is brought up can have an effect on the way they act towards individuals and groups. Personal prejudice can lead to discriminatory practice; learning about the different religious beliefs of the children that you work with and knowing about any special educational needs or disabilities can overcome this.

Schools should not just have policies and statements put in place about anti-discriminatory practice, schools must demonstrate anti-discriminatory practice.

Inclusion essay

All staff Inclusion essay schools must protect children from discrimination if you ignore it that shows you are condoning Inclusion essay behaviour. You have to take into consideration how a child may feel if they are experiencing discrimination and a member of staff who is meant to be supporting them ignores them.

The child may see as you agree with the perpetrator or that the way they are being treated is normal. It can be difficult to challenge if it is practiced or institutional by a colleague so it is important how you approach different and difficult situations.

To be able to challenge discrimination you need to have knowledge of policy, practice and procedures. Discrimination can be intentional or just ignorance and a lack of understanding.

Inclusion essay

It will be hard to change the views of others but you must confront discriminatory actions and comments. When challenging discrimination you must: Explain what has happened Tell them what effect is has on the individual Model ways to ensure anti-discriminatory practice When anti-discriminatory practice arises, you must speak to your manager or supervisor.


Inclusive practices will make everyone feel valued and have a sense of belonging. Inclusion is making sure that everyone is provided with the same opportunity and access to a high quality education.

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There is a feeling that everyone matters. Children and young people feel confident when they approach a member of staff. The schools surroundings reflect the diversity within the school. An inclusive setting is being able to use the whole school as an approach to learning.

Barriers are identified and methods are come up with to remove them. Children with special educational needs or disabilities, have strategies put in place which focus on that child or young persons needs.

A school setting, which is inclusive, will have the following features: The ways in which these values are practiced are different depending on the type of organisation and its role in education. No matter the organisation the child should always be the centre of practice.

Early years foundation and the national curriculum gives clear guidance on an inclusive approach to learning and assessment. Early years foundation have set out requirements for meeting the need of all children under its equal opportunity section.

The national curriculum statement states schools must: Provide a curriculum which ensures active participation and achievement of all pupils Meet the needs an interests of all pupils Recognise and overcome potential barriers Recognise pupils entitlement to high quality learning experiences Personalised learning School have began adopting a system of personalised learning in an attempt to raise standards.

This focuses on individual children and young people. Personalised learning makes sure that all children no matter their background, special educational needs, culture or disability, attain the support they need to progress.

When personalised learning is successful, children and young people experience: Schools and other child services should be all working towards these five outcomes:Free Inclusion papers, essays, and research papers.

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Inclusion: Is it Effective at the Elementary Level? - Inclusion is where children classified as Intellectually Disabled (ID) are put into a regular classroom instead of a special education classroom. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

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