Mktg101 individual assignment

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Mktg101 individual assignment

E engaged and ethical local and global citizens A socially and environmentally active and responsible Personal capabilities J capable of professional and personal judgement and initiative L commitment to continuous learning Program Learning Outcomes By the end of this program it is anticipated you should be able to: Learning and Teaching Methods On completion of this program you will have acquired the relevant knowledge and skills required to work as an accountant and to commence a professional accounting qualification including the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and CPA Australia programs.

You will obtain the requisite knowledge and skills through a variety of independent and collaborative activities completed across units in this program increasing in the level of difficulty and complexity as you progress through this program.

You will attend and participate in lectures, tutorials, seminars and workshops in which you will be expected to apply your understanding of the core disciplines of accounting to practical and theoretical scenarios and critically analyse and evaluate professional accounting issues. Across the program you will present both verbally and in writing your understanding of the core disciplines of accounting see assessment methods for further information.

The program is structured to promote and encourage independent learning and reflective practice through acquisition of knowledge and skills, research, practice, discussion and collaboration.

All units in the program are supported by an online environment that provides access to resources such as lecture notes and recordings, readings, quizzes, discussion forums and assessment materials, and that facilitates communication between you and the teaching staff.

The learning outcomes associated with individual units have been aligned with program level learning outcomes and the Macquarie University graduate capabilities. You are expected to actively engage in Mktg101 individual assignment learning and work with lecturers, tutors and and fellow students to achieve the learning outcomes.

Together with your fellow students you will be directed to relevant materials and be provided with a set of tasks that you are expected to engage with. These tasks will include acquiring information from a variety of sources and includes: Embedded in this program are a number of initiatives that develop your awareness of social, ethical and regulatory issues that you will need to reflect on in operating as a professional accountant.

This is a very important part of your formation as a professional accountant and is an opportunity for you to apply your capabilities in an authentic setting.

Similarly, the People, Planet and Participation scheme of which PACE is one element means that you will, during your program of study, undertake a designated People unit and a designated Planet unit. In addition the inclusion of a Capstone unit in this program provides you with opportunities to integrate your knowledge and experiences from the whole program in preparation for the next stage of your career.

Mktg101 individual assignment

You will be provided with a number of opportunities to engage with the accounting profession during the program including the participation of expert accountants as guest lecturers in units as well as career and technical events hosted by the professional accounting bodies on and off campus.

You will also participate in seminars and lectures that focus on the generic skills required by a professional accountant in the workplace.

These activities ensure a learning environment in which you can reflect on and contextualise your skills and knowledge. You will have an opportunity to develop your research, written communication and publishing skills in completing assessment tasks and the option of presenting a submission to Scholaris, the eJournal of Accounting and Finance hosted by the Department of Accounting and Corporate Governance, Macquarie University.

Assessment Assessment is based on the submission of individual and group coursework. You will complete a variety of assessment tasks over the duration of the program including assessed coursework, class participation, final examination, essay, class test, quiz, presentation, assignment, case study or report culminating in the preparation of a professional portfolio of your work submitted during completion of the capstone unit, ACCG 'Accounting in Context'.

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Clear standards and criteria for assessments, what is assessed and how it is assessed, are contained in each unit guide. The coursework completed in this program, including a variety of assessment tasks, are designed to develop formative and assess summative your achievement of the program learning outcomes and will require you to integrate and exhibit your skills and knowledge acquired.

For each unit you will complete between 3 and 4 assessment tasks and the unit guide will indicate the relationship between the assessment tasks and program learning outcomes. Assessment tasks across the program may include the following: Case studies are used to assess critical thinking, analytical and research skill.

Feedback on your performance in completing an assessment task will be provided in a variety of formats in units across the program. Where there is a final examination in a core unit in this program you will be required to pass that final examination to pass the unit.

At times you will be required to make reference to research and practice across the core disciplines in accounting in completing assessment tasks and staff will be available at specified times during the sessions for individual consultation and advice. Recognition of Prior Learning Macquarie University may recognise prior formal, informal and non-formal learning for the purpose of granting credit towards, or admission into, a program.

For recognition of prior informal and non-formal learning, please refer to the relevant RPL Plan, which describes the evidential requirements and approval processes for recognising prior learning for entry or credit in this program.

For undergraduate RPL plans visit www.

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The University offers a comprehensive range of free and accessible student support services which include academic advice, counselling and psychological services, advocacy services and welfare advice, careers and employment, disability services and academic skills workshops amongst others.

There is also a bulk billing medical service located on campus. Further information can be found at www.Opening doors into the hotel industry Lincoln University New Zealand’s specialist land-based university Bachelor of Commerce Hotel Management major Contents Pg 01 Pg 3.

Diploma of Commerce. Higher Education Diploma.

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