Polypotency technology essay

Polypotency could be argued to be caused by way of universal adaptation. Unless the peck of society does not repeal control to the engineering science, regardless of what engineering science it is, the engineering itself has little power really. Not until the bankers of Wall Street, grandmothers of Iowa and sheep herders of Mongolia began to point trust in it that it glowering to be the formidable entity it has off into to twenty-four hour period capable of powering revolutions. In a way, our adaptation and the distinct method that the process comes nigh to be results in the ship canal the technology would affect us.

Polypotency technology essay

Technology as Politics and Culture For your first essay, please write a two- to three-page word response to the following question: In "I'd Hammer Out Freedom: Technology as Politics and Culture" pp.

Do you agree with Sclove that technology has this characteristic? Why or why not? If you agree that technology is polypotent, do you agree with Sclove that it is important that we address this fact as we reflect on our relationships with technologies?

Please ensure that your essay addresses each component of the assigned question and that your answer is well-organized, uses excellent, college-level prose, and makes judicious use of textual evidence.

In this selection, Richard Sclove is interested in how technologies exist within, are influenced by, and in turn exert influence on society. He claims that they often work in subtle ways to both define and set limits on human interaction.

As a technology goes through various evolutionary stages, it assumes a greater role in our lives, and we become less aware of its influence and less likely to seek alternative ways of doing something.

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It is important, claims Sclove, for societies Polypotency technology essay look for alternative technologies more in keeping with humane ideals and aspirations.

Identify one modern technology and discuss its development. In what ways has this technology changed the way you live from both a positive and negative perspective, and what future changes might occur that could have even more impact on your life?

Identify one environmental and organizational background imperative of a contemporary technology. Sclove uses the hammer as an example of his concept of polypotency. What are some other examples of familiar artifacts that are polypotent? KEYWORDS citizenship, democracy, primary ftion, social consequences, social structure Technological innovations are similar to legislative acts or political foundings that establish a framework for public order that will endure over many generations.

People ordinarily think of technology as machinery or gadgetry, as an economic factor of production, as know-how, as what engineers do, or as progress. Often they characterize technologies in terms of a single intended ftion. What is a hammer? What is a telephone? Some technologies, however, have more than one intended ftion.

Hammers, for example, can pound nails into boards but can also extract them. This is the core of the contemporary view of technology. People understand technologies in terms of a primary ftion—or, occasionally, several ftions—that each is intended to accomplish.

First, they generate environmental consequences: Each of these may, in turn, have direct or indirect effects on human life.

Second, they promote unintended social consequences—consequences that are generally mediated by economic markets e. Thus common knowledge has it that technologies perform one or perhaps a few intended ftions while also producing a limited range of unintended social and environmental consequences.

Although this view of technology is straightforward, it is also incomplete and misleading. It diverts attention from many significant aspects of technology, including some of central concern to democracy.

Familiar examples include laws, dominant political and economic institutions, and systems of cultural belief. Technologies qualify as social structures because they ftion politically and culturally in a manner comparable to these other, more commonly recognized kinds of social structures.

That is an instance of a technology helping to structure social relations. Upsetting a traditional pattern of water use compromised important means through which the village had previously perpetuated itself as a self-conscious community.

Polypotency technology essay

In the United States the automobile has played a somewhat similar role in disrupting prior patterns of community life. These are not isolated cases; technologies designed for such mundane tasks as commuting to work or cooking food also routinely help constitute social systems of cooperation, isolation, or domination.

Technology often embodies and expresses political value choices that, in their operations and effects, are binding on individuals and groups, whether such choices have been made in political forums or elsewhere.

Coercive Compliance Technologies help regulate social behavior in part because they are themselves governed by both physical and political laws.

For example, the operation of many technologies—such as automobiles, medical X-ray machines, or guns—is legally regulated. Thus their misuse can entail a socially enforced penalty.

However, whether or not they are governed by legal regulations, technologies generally embody a variety of other kinds of coercive mandates. These latter results are akin to the consequences befalling those who ignore physical laws e.

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Thus physical constraints, or accompanying legal and social sanctions, are among the obvious means through which technologies help structure human behavior. Subconscious Compliance Sometimes technologies shape behavior and relationships less through brute compulsion than via subtle, psychological inducement.TECHNOLOGY'S POLYPOTENCY Technology's Polypotency Technology's Polypotency Introduction Technology has dominated all the ages and times of this world.

Feb 07,  · Polypotency could be argued to be caused by way of universal adaptation. Unless the peck of society does not repeal control to the engineering science, regardless of what engineering science it is, the engineering itself has little power really.\nFor example, something simple like the meshing was merely a pinging beak for the nerdiest of our kind.

Technology's polypotency has been used to mean the multiple aspects of interference caused by the introduction of a technology with a relatively few or even a singular purpose in mind.

Polypotency could be argued to . Polypotency. 0. Free Essays. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space based navigation system that was developed by the U.S. Department of Defence in Therefore, people are becoming excessively dependent on this new technology and their sense of orientation seems to be fading away.

Is this Marxist’s fact a great progress. Feb 24,  · "Polypotency" of technology Technology in our lives has many functions, “polypotency” trait discussed by Richard Sclove, but it permanently affects the social structure.

The most obvious example from our daily lives, are the teenagers and technology. Mitcham () calls this type of philosophy of technology “humanities philosophy of technology” because it accepts “the primacy of the humanities over technologies” and is continuous with the overall perspective of the humanities .

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