Resistant materials coursework checklist

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Resistant materials coursework checklist

It will gain you marks in your coursework for both the planning and industrial practices marks. You need to use Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet software to produce the plan.

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Column A should contain all of the tasks that you need to complete for your coursework. Example of an incomplete gannt chart Row 1 should include the hours available to you to complete the tasks.

This is 40hours for your coursework. Do this in 2 hour blocks. Think carefully about how long each task will take; remember some pages will only take 1 hour and so you will be able to fit more than 1 task into each 2 hour block.

The Design Situation is a description of the problem that you are attempting to solve. It is a paragraph of text writing that describes the problem. You don't say how you are going to solve the problem, only what it is.

The first sentence should explain the problem briefly. The following sentences should explain the problems in more detail. For example; A friend enjoys playing computer games on his Playstation 3 console and listening to music, but has a storage problem in his bedroom.

The friend lives with his parents and so all of his belongings are confined to his bedroom. He often has friends round to visit and play computer games with. All of his CDs and games get left on the floor and broken due to this lack of storage.

Resistant materials coursework checklist

The Design Brief This is a piece of text writing that explains what you are going to design and make to solve the problem. It should be flexible enough to allow your research and design work to develop over the course of the project. Mention points such as safety, general size, functions what it will need to do target market who will buy it?

Your GCSE Project - Resistant Materials Design

It is a spider diagram containing all of the areas you need to think about when designing your product. Then you will need a leg for each important area you will need to look into. It is best to divide the page into two, covering wood joints on one side and the other side on consructional fixings.

Either gather examples of joints and fixings from your technology room and photograph these using a digital camera, or gather research images from the internet or product catalogues. A suitable layout for the page is given below: Online sources of information: Think specifically about how the design features could help you and your own designs.

This is as well as completing the analysis through annotation shown above. Industrial Practices This page is approached in 2 halves. The first page is research into possible materials for your project, the second page is research into finishes you could use on your finished product.

Resistant Materials (DT) Coursework Help GCSE - The Student Room

Materials This page needs to be laid out in the format given below. You must research three areas: As a minimum, each area must include the material name, and image, the typical properties and possible uses in your project.Subject: Design & Technology – Resistant Materials Year: 11 Module Theme Overview Time Four: Final project Final project – CAD.

Final project - manufacture Students will spend thee to four weeks using Prodesktop to generate working and presentation drawings. Maximise your coursework substantial amount of the gcse textiles coursework a brilliant team. Maximise your mark has been developed to help you come up with than 60 coursework help.

Split your message and then the d day of the student room33 posts help you come up with than 60 support team members looking. Resistant Materials Page 33 Food Technology Page 34 PE Page 35 In March and April you will still have homework and coursework to do.

These must go on to the weekly planner first. You should then fill it up to the “correct” time with revision. Gradually you will . KS4 Data tracking: UMS Tracker allows you to enter pupil name, CA score and target grade, the rest will calculate for you.

Coursework tracking sheet will allow you . Specification Edexcel GCSE in Design and Technology: Resistant Materials Technology (2RM01) For first certification Issue 3.

Select the relevant brand below to access the key documents and course materials for your qualification. L WJEC. Design and Technology GCSE from Design and Technology GCSE from Design and Technology AS/A Level from Design and Technology AS/A Level from

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